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Healing Against The Odds – Debra Korn’s Journey from Chronic Illness to Naturopathic Triumph

In the labyrinth of life, some individuals face an extraordinary array of health challenges, weaving a tapestry of ailments that seem insurmountable. Debra Korn, a resilient soul and a Naturopathic Doctor, emerged from the shadows of chronic illness to become a beacon of inspiration and healing. Her story, rooted in a childhood marred by persistent discomfort, unravels a narrative of tenacity, discovery, and a commitment to holistic well-being.

The genetic cards dealt to Debra were far from favorable, with a family tree branching out into the realms of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. But Debra Korn was not one to succumb easily. Instead, armed with an indomitable spirit, she embarked on a quest to unearth the roots of her ailments and discover a path to true healing.

Can you share your personal journey and what inspired you to become a naturopathic doctor with a specific focus on autoimmune diseases and healing?

It really was personal. I have four autoimmune diseases myself. My father also had autoimmune diseases the theory is Auto Immune disease is hereditary, I believe it is environmental.

As a young child, I never felt well. I always felt ill, not quite right. But it was normal for me because that is how I felt everyday, as far back as I can remember. I was in show business, very active in dancing, singing, acting, and performing, I also played soccer and rode horses competitively.

All while feeling unwell daily, however I just pushed through. I also always had gastrointestinal issues and broke bones very easily, which are clear signs of auto immune response in the body.  When you suffer with undiagnosed or misdiagnosed autoimmune diseases, you shed vitamins and hold on to toxins and heavy metals in the body.

All the markers were there and should have been a flaring red flag to the medical professionals I was untrusted to however they weren’t. Markers such as, not going into puberty when I should have, and when I did, having excruciating menstrual cycles and endometrial issues—canker sores, chronic sinusitis, the inability to fight off colds, flus, cystic acne, you name it, I had it.

It should have been an easy diagnosis for any allopathic doctor. However, nobody recognized the signs and symptoms. They kept blaming me, “well you know she is a perfectionist, puts a lot of pressure on herself”. When you are a female, they tend to think everything is emotional. I am a logical person, a critical thinker, so it really wasn’t that at all.  As a child, I knew this. I am also dyslexic, which is another marker for potential autoimmune response in the body, When you have an autoimmune disease, or diseases inflammation negatively affects your brain. Inflammation and autoimmunity are synonymous.

I went on a personal journey after being told, at the age of 36 with two small children, that I was going to die because my body was attacking itself. Doctors kept treating me for asthma, which I didn’t have. They just kept saying, “you are steroid resistant and your lungs are failing. They gave me chemotherapy which also failed, nothing was working because they were not getting to the root and causes of my symptoms.

My children would come home from school, and find me passed out not breathing, they knew to call 911 and the ambulance would be coming. It was a terrible life for me and for them. My husband at the time was not equipped to raise anybody, including himself. He was an alcoholic, so I had to get better.

The option to leave my children with him was not one that I could leave the earth with. So I went on a journey and did a lot of research. Of course, all our research is censored so the task was not an easy one.

You do not get the real story or information that you need because they want everyone to go through the medical system where there are no cures, just medication for life which doesn’t cure but manages symptoms. The medical industrial complex does not know anything about nutrition or using food as medicine. They push the standard American low-fat, high-grain diet which is the worst diet for anyone suffering with autoimmune diseases, it actually makes them worse.

I was encouraged to follow a Vegan diet which is also the absolute wrong diet for autoimmune disease. I wasn’t getting any better, always inflamed, unable to breathe, had unexplainable weight gain, chronic respiratory issues, I just kept getting worse.

Then my father’s diabetes took control of him. He couldn’t get it under control, went into kidney failure, went on dialysis. limb removal started happening, calcified organs, and the medical-industrial complex basically murdered him. They didn’t do anything to help him, only hurt him.  The medical industrial complex experiments on diabetics, nothing has changed in the way they care for diabetics in decades because the treatment and medication merry go round they put them on is very lucrative.

My daughter’s mother-in-law had diabetes, and unfortunately, her plight was the same 28 years later. The path to the end was the same, cutting off a toe, cutting off the foot, heart surgery etc. Now with the COVID scam, they forced her to get the COVID jab just to see her doctors, and she got turbo leukemia and was gone in a matter of weeks. It was terribly sad and completely avoidable.

Allopathic doctors are good for two things: surgery and trauma, that is it! If you’re sick, if you have any type of illness, including cancer, they don’t cure you, they just prolong the inevitable, they create customers. Chemotherapy kills you. You just must hope that you outlive the treatment and the chemotherapy kills the cancer before it kills you. There are so many safe, effective and non toxic alternatives, of which I use with patients. They come to me when all hope is lost, and I turn them around.

Autoimmune diseases are often complex and challenging to manage. How do you approach individualized treatment plans for your patients, considering their unique needs and conditions?

I provide all my patients with a 45-minute intake consultation, delving deep into their health history and family health. This includes exploring their childhood eating habits and preferences. Typically, my immediate go-to is putting everyone on the carnivore diet because it results in the quickest reduction in inflammation and other issues. Then, I tailor various supplements to their specific needs, considering what they may be deficient in. For instance, if they have rheumatoid arthritis, I focus on improving circulation and reducing inflammation. The diet is crucial because daily eating habits play a significant role in making us sick. Therefore, to promote wellness, we need to make positive changes in our daily eating habits.

I create customized menus for my patients based on their preferences, drawing on my skills as a proficient cook. I also share numerous recipes with them and teach them how to cook if necessary. This is particularly important because relying on fast food takeout, where they have no idea what is in their food, can be a detrimental choice for people with autoimmune diseases.

I conduct pantry cleanouts with my patients, either in-person if they are local or virtually if they are not. During these sessions, we review ingredients, eliminating harmful items and keeping the beneficial ones. Additionally, I offer supermarket tours to teach them how to read labels and understand the presence of hidden sugars and gluten, often concealed in preservatives.

While some individuals may need more intervention than others, I’ve found that the carnivore diet is often the most efficacious. The elimination diet is also beneficial for discovering specific triggers, although this diet requires more patience and dedication as making a mistake means starting from the beginning. I always emphasize to everyone that getting to the root and reversing autoimmune diseases is simple but not easy, as it demands a great deal of discipline. The medical industrial complex has programmed society to pop a pill and accept a temporary symptom relief instead of a full recovery.

What type of services do you offer?

I conduct diet consultations, fitness sessions, alternative oncology, and cannabis consultations because cannabis is an excellent anti-inflammatory, particularly beneficial for autoimmune diseases such as MS and rheumatoid arthritis. The key to managing autoimmune diseases, cancer and most illnesses is addressing inflammation and eliminating sugar, so adhering to the carnivore diet is crucial. Meat is generally well-tolerated by everyone; certain individuals may struggle with dairy. So for those who do, we quickly identify alternatives such as goat butter or duck fat, providing options they may not have considered.

I offer comprehensive services, spending significant time with my patients. Each person receives a bi-monthly check-in, involving either a 45-minute call or a face-to-face meeting. We thoroughly review their progress, adjusting as they start feeling better and begin incorporating movement. I suggest moving 30 minutes per day initially with something as simple as a brisk walk in the fresh air.

Drawing on my background as a professional dancer and certifications in yoga, dance techniques, and stretching, I provide a full range of services. Lifestyle management, stress reduction, and guidance on what truly matters are also integral parts of my approach.

I delve into various aspects of their lives, including home environments. Many people live in clutter. living spaces, contributing to anxiety. I teach them how to clear their space through Feng Sui  and incorporate practices like sage clearing. Often, these individuals have struggled for a lifetime, being told there is nothing more to be done. They may have undergone infusions that provide temporary relief but are detrimental in the long run. Most importantly, they seek to be heard and understood.

Could you share a success story of a patient who achieved remission or significant improvement in their autoimmune disease through naturopathic treatment, and what were the key factors in their success?

Oh, absolutely. I had a woman with severe rheumatoid arthritis, and, you know, she is a bit of a partier who likes to drink. She is actually the mother of one of my students and was my first patient. We went through the supermarket because she wasn’t willing to deprive herself completely. So, I had to show her various options. After 90 days, her numbers were significantly improved, and her endocrinologist could see the difference. Her doctor said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it “He encouraged her to explore natural options before considering infusions, and now, you would never know she has rheumatoid arthritis. That is just one success story. I had another patient in Florida who suffered from extreme anxiety and depression. Through trial and error, given her poor eating habits, I identified it as parasitic. We did a parasite cleanse, and now she is doing much better and there is no need for mood altering drugs. Later, she referred me to one of her friends, a two-time lung cancer patient who has been sent home to die. After reviewing all his labs, X-rays, and sonograms, I put him on Fenbendazole, an antiparasitic, and he was cancer-free in six months. I am currently treating someone with thyroid cancer. I put her on Fenbendazole and added Oxibendazole since it had already spread to her lymph nodes. I am convinced cancer is parasitic, and most cancer doctors would agree, but Chemotherapy is more lucrative for them. A six-month supply of Fenbendazole is $400, chemotherapy can cost many thousands of dollars. The top oncologists know this and also know that eliminating sugar which cancer feeds on, will stop and cure the disease.

I firmly believe that getting to the root of the problems and healing the gut with the carnivore diet is step one in the process for most patients. I customize a prescription of supplements which I offer at a 15% discount. We review the prescription monthly, adjusting as they improve. I provide a patient-direct site for convenience. I refuse to give up on my patients so I have not been unsuccessful; I’ve only had success, even with small children dealing with chronic strep.

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics, but strep is antibiotic-resistant, antibiotics do not kill strep; they merely weaken the pathogen which then relocates to another part of the body, as it  weakens over time, leading to a super strain and repeated infections. When a child has strep throat, symptoms of a stomach virus often follow, which I believe is the strep trying to exit the body through elimination (vomiting, diarrhea)  Regarding viruses, I don’t believe they exist in the traditional sense. I see a virus as the body’s way of eliminating pathogens to prevent severe illness.

One more point: I incorporate detox baths for soaking.

When you are sick, you shouldn’t reduce your fever completely as it’s your body’s way of fighting off infection. It is acceptable to make it more comfortable, from 103 to 101 however do not reduce to “normal”. I offer detox baths to assist in this protocol, and have successfully cured kids of the flu in 48 hours. As far as my COVID protocol, I recommend zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D3,and quercetin and for those over 60, Ivermectin, which is a cure, they don’t want to use for some reason.

As a naturopathic doctor, how do you stay up-to-date with the latest research and developments in the field of autoimmune diseases and natural healing, and how does this knowledge inform your practice?

Well, luckily, I have an open forum with all my professors, and they’re the best of the best.

They are the courageous few who were labeled vaccine disinformation speakers,  they are now on this nasty list because they were informing people about the dangers of the COVID vaccine, which have been proven to be  true. We are seeing it now. I am in constant contact with them, and they all have podcasts and sub-stacks that I can tap into for assistance.  I am always reading literature.  and researching everything I can get my hands on; with censorship the way it is now in the US, it can be  very difficult to get the truth. So  I try to use alternative search engines, I am  always reading books and my professor’s sub-stacks. I continue to seek out  different certifications, taking classes in nutrition, and all different types of things, anything I can get my hands on.

Naturopathic medicine is quite simple. Everything that could heal us has been put on this planet for us. People are slowly understanding, for example, if someone has a chronic sinus infection, antibiotics are not going to kill it. Sinus infections are not bacterial; they are parasitic or fungal, one or the other. So you must first identify through trial and error, I start with fungal and see if that cures it. If it doesn’t then it is parasitic. I use some antiparasitic orally and through the sinus cavity with a rinse , the goldenseal root is the sinus drain. I make a solution, add a few drops of essential oils and colloidal silver as a nose drop, and sinus infections are gone in 48 hours. Those who suffer with autoimmune diseases often have chronic sinus problems because their bodies are always in attack mode, always trying to clear and eliminate.  I tried this protocol on myself first because I suffer with chronic sinusitis.

I experiment on myself because I’m a good test patient, having a lot of autoimmune issues. If it works on me, it is most likely going to work on my patients. I stay in close contact with my patients. That’s the secret to my success.

I have people with high blood pressure, because I get to the root of the problem instead of treating symptoms  and they are  able to slowly wean off their medication because the truth is out there. You take a medication, five years later, it’s being pulled off the market because it’s killing people. People are aware now, and they’re starting to listen to those commercials instead of letting them pass by. They see many who took the COVID shot having a heart attack, and children having strokes. They’re more aware, more open to what I have to say. Nothing I give them is going to harm them, like giving them the wrong drug would. It is diet, supplements, herbs, so the worst it would be is benign.  If the protocol did not help I would just move on to the next thing. That is how I operate; I never give up because the answer is always out there and it is never big Pharma!

‘Healing Against The Odds’ Article written by Katarina Todorovic. Katarina is a Reiki practitioner who believes in spiritual healing, self-consciousness, healing with music. Mystical things inspire her to always look for deeper answers. She enjoys to be in nature, meditation, discover new things every day.

Stay tuned as Mystic Mag unravels Debra Korn’s transformative journey from a life ensnared by illness to the realm of holistic wellness, where she not only conquered her own health battles but emerged as a beacon of hope for others navigating similar storms.