Holistic Care for Autoimmune Disease

Maybe you’ve consulted with doctor after doctor before getting a diagnosis—or, you've been told there's nothing you can do.

You may be exhausted, stressed, confused and in pain, and you’re not sure what to try next...

Autoimmune disorders represent some of today’s most vexing diseases. Though not immediately life-threatening, these serious and real conditions—in which your own immune system works against you by attacking healthy cells—wreak havoc on everyday life, causing symptoms that include fatigue, fever, joint or muscle pain, and other inflammatory responses. They’re the second most common cause of chronic illness in America.

Medical experts still don’t know exactly what causes autoimmune diseases. Holistic Movement can help pinpoint your condition and relieve its effects on your life through holistic and integrative practices—including nutritional assessments, functional medicine workups, and traditional healing therapies like acupuncture (Licensed Acupuncturist referral) and homeopathy.




We provide specialized expertise on autoimmune conditions including:


Celiac Disease

Crohn’s Disease


Grave’s Disease

Hashimoto Thyroiditis


Multiple Sclerosis

Post Lyme Disease Syndrome


Rheumatoid arthritis





During your Bio Individual Health Assessment, I will listen to your story. Then, carefully and over time, help you choose the best possible treatment plan to restore health and balance to your body’s physical, mental and emotional systems.

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functional medicine Long Island NY
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