Debra Korn Holistic Movement

About Debra Korn

Owner of Holistic Movement

My story starts when I was very young; as a small child, I never felt 100% well. I had chronic aches and pains, multiple colds and sinus infections, and when I hit puberty at 15, I began to have severe menstrual pains accompanied by nausea, vomiting. I was always sick, pneumonia multiple times a year, gastrointestinal issues and severe anemia and endometriosis. All these symptoms are markers for autoimmune disease which should not have come as a surprise to me because I had diabetes, MS, lupus & rheumatoid arthritis throughout both sides of my family.

I was a very active child, I danced professionally beginning at age 8, rode horses competitively, and played soccer, all while never feeling quite right, I just pushed through each day believing that this was my life and I had better learn to live with it. My parents took me to many doctors who basically just said, “we can’t find anything wrong with her, it’s most likely emotional as she is a perfectionist who puts a lot of pressure on herself”.

Fast forward, I'm a dance studio owner, teacher & choreographer working with thousands of children. A student came in & told me she had just been told she had celiac & had to follow a special diet. I asked to explain her symptoms & when she did, I knew I had celiac too. I marched to my doctor & demanded he test me; I'm sure you know the outcome! Well, that diagnoses led to 3 more autoimmune diseases which remained undiagnosed for years.

In 1998, I watch my father who was a diabetic slowly die all while losing a leg, undergoing open heart surgery, a mitral value replacement and ultimately dying of sepsis from an infected bed sore. I had a 3-year-old and a 12-year-old at the time, and I made a vow that my father’s end of life would not be mine.

I went on a journey to health that led me to explore various ways of eating, supplements & exercise other than just my dancing. I took complete control of my health & knew that what I had learned about autoimmune diseases & healing myself into remission would give others hope.

Becoming a functional medicine consultant specializing in working with adults with autoimmune diseases & children of parents with autoimmune disease could change lives! I integrate bio individual nutrition, fitness & mindset to guide my patients towards living their best life.

Autoimmune disease should not be taken lightly as it leads to many other nefarious diseases such as cancer.

The traditional medical community has not made much progress in autoimmunity and for the most part, they treat the symptoms with a pill, and inhaler or infusions.

None of these strategies help to bring you towards remission and believe it or not; it can be achieved; I am living proof!

I take no medication, practice yoga 5 days a week, teach dance 4 days a week, and work with my patients to help them see that a healthy, pain-free quality of life is within reach.